Welcome to Slumbertime Sleepovers, a family-run children's party business that started life as a small idea in an even smaller coffee shop on a rainy February morning!


Bringing the magic to life

Firstly and most importantly we want to make your party as special as it can be. Although we build all of our parties around a specific theme, we try to make every party as unique as its guest and we love to hear from our clients about the excitement and magic that the parties bring, building memories to treasure.


When the fun of the evening starts to slow down, we want you to be assured that your guests will be as well rested as possible by the morning. For this reason, we supply extra-comfy anti-allergy & BSS marked single mattresses with plenty of space to stretch out and with no chance of a puncture in the middle of the night!


Protecting your most valuable possessions

Safety. This is a big one for us! Sleepovers are an amazing experience for our children, but we need to know that our children are sleeping safely. Did you know that any sleepover tent is legally classed as a toy and therefore needs to undergo stringent UKCA / CE chemical and flammability testing? So the little 'CE' mark you see on all of your children's toys should be on the tents as well. While there are teepee tents available that don't have this marking, we've invested in the best and safest tents available to make sure you can sleep as well as your children. We also make sure every party is risk-assessed to give you total peace of mind.

So sit back and relax while we bring a little bit of glamping magic to you, and let Slumbertime Sleepovers make your guests' dreams come true!

Sarah xx